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SwissKnowledge AG (SKN) - History

We are a company based in Switzerland,..

2014   Today (spring 2014) we are able to offer differentiated services for private and corporate customers e.g. skill management services, job services and freelancer services
      With a small regular workforce and the support of PGS- Software for technology and service, we are able to gain maximum efficient results.
2010   Based on the collaboration with scientific and market-leading companies/institutions, assessment tests and job profile definitions were created. They are, together with personal data, the core of our online workforce management.
2009   Therefore in 2009 the company changed to SKN AG, and with the proven knowledge and experience, the development of workforce management services as a cloud and web portal solution has been started.
1998   Founded in 1998 as SKN GmbH providing local consulting services on workforce management, the success attracted soon new investors to broaden the company scope.


SwissKnowledge AG (SKN) - Values

  • We provide to our customers highest quality services, with short as well as long term benefits
  • We give the secure handling of customer data measure highest priority and meet the highest demands
  • Collaboration and partnership with selected institutions and companies ensures the fulfilment of today’s as well as the future market needs
  • The excellent structuring of data allows high-quality and objective evaluations and assessments
  • The efficiency-oriented and real-time platform allows to offer high quality services at low cost to our customers
  • Continuous development guarantees market-leading services and solutions today, and also in the future